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I’m a diy, penny pinchin’, first time home owner, wife to my amazing helper of a husband, one sweet little type 1 diabetic daughter and one smart creative little boy(or should I say young man!). There isn’t a thing I won’t buy if I think I can make it myself. So I hope you enjoy my attempt to save a little money and share my attempts to make our house a home.

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ava's Army 2012

So we had a lot of fun on our last minute JDRF walk to cure diabetes. But you would not imagine some of the team size's just ONE kid can have at these things. I couldn't help but feel a little down about how I hadn't decided sooner that this is about Ava and NOT me! So Andy and I talked about it and we decided next year we are going to go all out. Reason 1: to make this a good experience for Ava and 2: at four years old I think she will be able to appreciate everyone's love and support! So be prepared for BATTLE we are going to do all we can to raise money and help battle diabetes. We plan to do this by creating...."Ava's Army" it will involve some sort of camo(which if anyone knows,that is a huge sacrifice for me;) and we can't call it "Ava's Army" with out a lot of people so please SHOW YOUR SUPPORT and be "prepared for battle" and join our team....I will keep everyone updated as to when we register for next year so you can sign up!!


  1. That's great! Let's just plan on it!

  2. We are planning on it I think I already have a dozen people ready to go! They give out team spirit awards too and you know I am alllll about that!