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I’m a diy, penny pinchin’, first time home owner, wife to my amazing helper of a husband, one sweet little type 1 diabetic daughter and one smart creative little boy(or should I say young man!). There isn’t a thing I won’t buy if I think I can make it myself. So I hope you enjoy my attempt to save a little money and share my attempts to make our house a home.

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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Love this Boy!!

Finally a little sewing for the boy and some super duper bribing for pictures but as you can see he did enjoy himself a little but to get him to commit is so hard.....Bow ties available @ www.adoremade.etsy.com (including the one pictured, soon). Working on a pattern too....stay tuned! Also working on MANUAL MODE practice makes perfect I suppose when it comes to DSLR cameras!!! What better way to celebrate a snowy day?!

Sunny loves to sneak up onto his bed ;)

So Studious

Rawk the Hawk

Look at those lips


Seriously no smiling ;)

Book Worm


A boy and his dog....does it get any better??

See I told you! He really loves a camera all up in his face from his crazy momma!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

manual mode

I recently dove into the world of manual mode on my Cannon Digital SLR Camera it's a challenge and a joy all at once! Here's a couple of images from today that I adore! My daughter had a little eye color and lip color editing just for giggles :) I'm not by any means a photographer but IF you can release yourself from auto modes I think the skies the limit!

Yep that's a drop o' droll on his chin!

Such a great little model face not too serious just right!

FREE Pattern - Crocheted Face Scrubbers

***Free Pattern***

Cotton yarn face scrubbers are great for cleaning your face removing makeup and gently exfoliating. Lather with mild face wash, scrub rinse and scrub some more. Gentle enough to not irritate skin and small enough to dry and re-use. When they get dirty just toss them in the wash. Environmentally friendly and way better for your skin then synthetic material. Quick and easy enough to whip up ton's for gifts like mothers day ;) wink, wink.

Cotton worsted weight yarn(I use sugarncream
G hook (gauge isn't important just be consistent in hook size when making multiple)
Yarn needle, to thread in the ends

DC = Double Crochet

This is a great beginner pattern for working in the round too! 
Face Scrubber:
Ch3(counts as DC)
In 1st chain of ch3 (3rd from hook) 13 DC slip st to top of ch 3 to create a circle(total of 14 DC made)
Pull tail tight to close circle 
Ch2(counts as DC) 
DC crochet in same st as ch2, 2 Double in ea st around (total of 28 stitches including chain 2 ) 
slip stitch to top of ch2 cut yarn and tie off 

Weave loose ends on the back side to finish and press flat (you shouldn't have a cupping problem if you do get them wet lay them flat to dry)
Your done!!!  How easy! Tie them up with a little tag and it's a great easy gift!Or use them for your beautiful self...Soft enough to use for cleaning little ones too.

Don't Crochet?! These are being listed @ www.adoremade.etsy.com =) gladly do custom colors too!

Monday, February 27, 2012

The Boys space themed 7th birthday party

Warning lot's of pictures ahead!!! We had a BLAST (pun totally intended!) But sleep overs!!! That's for the birds I NEVER want to do that again and in my opinion every one was well behaved!!

sign posted on front door

Birthday Boy! he chose the shirt :O

Favors:Milky way fun size, glow sticks, space erasers and other fun things :D

My BABY!!! Handmade paper mache moon pinata!!! It turned out perfect!!!

Cake pops: I used colored candy melts and tooth pics to create continents and gasses etc....

Shooting star cheese

Flying saucer crackers

Alien Head grapes

Rocket Fuel

Party central

The crew minus the boy - he was having a moment!

She dressed her self! I did make her some adorable ruffle space pants - no go!

game: Pop the alien -Green balloons with alien faces drawn on stuffed with candy :D

Some of them were extra tricky!


Glow stick dance party!

Pinata time!

Gluten free cake pops: easy peasy - I use gf cupcakes from whole foods much em up with the frosting on roll them into a ball and dip in candy coating each cupcake makes about four which is great for her!

the moon cake pop complete with alien dude!

The Mrs! Me the party maker, cleaner upper, baker etc...

so much boy girl stuff in 1st grade its unreal!

Moon shoes!


Sweet girls no boys party would be complete with out them :D   

Logan and his BEST bud!

Happy Birthday to my little man! Your an amazing smart handsome mix of two of the greatest people on earth if I must say so myself! It was a BLAST to celebrate another wonderful milestone in my little mans life! looking forward to more....with maybe less party ;)

Enjoying one of his gifts, a book about space ~ me enjoying my favorite moment of the day with him....I adore the end of my days with this little guy, thought I should finally capture the moment just the other night! This picture is burned in my heart forever!

Toddler Sun hat

the little lady photo by: The Mrs.
 I pinned the pattern about a week ago and hit up the fabric store (girls trip) yesterday and bought a bunch of fabric that I had loosely planned for but it's all so fun and springy I thought "hey I should make that hat" so I started it last night and wouldn't you know we woke up to a blanket of snow :O just how my world turns....oh well the little lady is already planning on having one for every outfit for out beach trip in April :D these are addicting so unless you have the time don't even attempt! For your sewing pleasure I am linking the pattern I came across and the sew along I happened to find which is waaaayyyyyy easier then the way the book says it should be done( I am referring to this pattern also being in the Oliver and S book

Pattern and instructions: http://www.melaniefalickbooks.com/storage/STCCraft_OliverS_BucketHatPattern_.pdf

Sew along (highly recommended) : http://alittlegray.blogspot.com/2011/08/lttsa-bucket-hats-part-3-look-no-hand.html

photo by: The Mrs
I am a PERFECTIONIST so I pressed and pressed every seem and top stitched every inch of the hat possible. It does run a little small too! I made the large for my very averaged sized small headed three year(who are we kidding almost FOUR!) old I think it will last her a couple years though but totally wearable xoxo enjoy!

Not a sewer?! Check out www.adoremade.etsy.com

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I have operated under For The Love Boutique for what feels like forever!!! The name was cute and worked for the time being but it was too long and I wanted to move on.....and if you operate on etsy in any fashion you know almost every word humanly possible is already taken so it has taken me a couple months to come up with something that worked for me....technically its adoremade, with that being said, it's becuase I adore all things hand made!!! So far I have one item listed!!! Many more items to come, a spring line for little girls and bow ties for boys and of course yarn wreaths  and headbands - my little lady LOVES headbands! Starting out simple for now...phew.....it's done, up and going I am soooo excited to see where adore takes me!

adore \a-'dor\ verb: to be very fond of, to like very much

first item listed???.......check it out @  http://www.etsy.com/listing/93531658/hand-stamped-vintage-brass-charm

SPECIAL New shop promo coupon!! Free Shipping Code: ADORENEW

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Little Ladies Heart Hair - how to found on Pinterest

Mom Tattoo T-shirt DIY
I won't lie we are lucky girls, the little lady and I, loved tremendously by a couple of handsome lads! Every year Valentines rolls around and we don't do much maybe a little treat for the kids a late dinner just me and hubs.....We love eachother a lot all year round there is no way I could show my family how much I love them in just one day but it sure is a nice reminder to celebrate LOVE! Happy Valentines Day

I whipped up a little "tattoo" T for Ava's Open Gymnastics Gym play date realizing her dress from last year wasn't going to cut it! Literally this took me a half hour and had I known it was going to turn out so darn cute I would have documented my DIY! But I will do my best to break it down and hopefully inspire a little creativity, and HECK this would be great for mother's day too....I can just see the hubs and the little man sporting these bad boys come mother's day ;)

Mom Tattoo T DIY 
Supplies - Red felt, scrap of white felt, freezer paper, black fabric paint, heat and bond lite(optional but helps hold it in place to stitch on) 
1:Print MOM on to a piece of freezer paper(cut it to paper size print on the non shiny side) 
2: Use and exacto knife to cut out the letter be sure to save the middle of the O
3: Iron freshly made MOM stencil on to scrap white felt
4: paint over stencil with black fabric paint and allow to dry
5: Cut large heart shape out of red felt (I decided to use the heat on bond after I cut my shapes so I just cut it slightly smaller then the heart then ironed it on according to the directions)
6: Cut white felt into a long strip (like picture) fold length wise and cut an angle to create the points I cut with a slight curve instead of straight on for a little character
7: place "MOM Ribbon" over heart and straight stitch on not going over the edge of the heart
8: Heat and bond heart with sewn ribbon to shirt I used a pressing cloth so as to not melt the felt
9: Stitch the outer of the heart with a longer straight stitch for a hand stitched look(not I did not stitch the over lapping "ribbon" tails down, it gave it a fun ribbony look) :D 
10: Enjoy Valentines Day!