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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

FREE Pattern - Crocheted Face Scrubbers

***Free Pattern***

Cotton yarn face scrubbers are great for cleaning your face removing makeup and gently exfoliating. Lather with mild face wash, scrub rinse and scrub some more. Gentle enough to not irritate skin and small enough to dry and re-use. When they get dirty just toss them in the wash. Environmentally friendly and way better for your skin then synthetic material. Quick and easy enough to whip up ton's for gifts like mothers day ;) wink, wink.

Cotton worsted weight yarn(I use sugarncream
G hook (gauge isn't important just be consistent in hook size when making multiple)
Yarn needle, to thread in the ends

DC = Double Crochet

This is a great beginner pattern for working in the round too! 
Face Scrubber:
Ch3(counts as DC)
In 1st chain of ch3 (3rd from hook) 13 DC slip st to top of ch 3 to create a circle(total of 14 DC made)
Pull tail tight to close circle 
Ch2(counts as DC) 
DC crochet in same st as ch2, 2 Double in ea st around (total of 28 stitches including chain 2 ) 
slip stitch to top of ch2 cut yarn and tie off 

Weave loose ends on the back side to finish and press flat (you shouldn't have a cupping problem if you do get them wet lay them flat to dry)
Your done!!!  How easy! Tie them up with a little tag and it's a great easy gift!Or use them for your beautiful self...Soft enough to use for cleaning little ones too.

Don't Crochet?! These are being listed @ www.adoremade.etsy.com =) gladly do custom colors too!


  1. Thank you for this pattern, it will make great little gifts for friends.

  2. It must be just my learning type, but is there a video to see how to make this? I love them and want to make them for presents