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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

5 dollar, 5 step Mod Skirt - Tutorial! 18 mo. to 5T

Color block skirts are back and oh so modern! I have seen a couple of tut's on how to make one but I didn't want to get down with the fussy time consuming waste bands, love the results of the more time consuming ones, but a lot of people aren't brave enough to attack all that (ruffling especially, which is one of my favorite things!). So this is my Easy, Cheap and Fast version which is just the way I like it ;) Enjoy! 

Supplies: 2/3 yard Solid Fabric for skirt body(pictured in peach), 1/2 yard contrasting fabric for hem(pictured in lavender), 1 1/2 inch wide elastic(gives it a more waste band feel, helping it lay flatter), thread, safety pin,pins, sewing machine, rotary mat and ruler.
Cost break down 2/3 yd.  fabric 1.97, 1/2yd. fabric 1.50, 1 1/2" elastic 1.37@ Wal-mart.

18/24 Skirt: 9x18 Skirt Hem: 7x18 Elastic: 17
2T     Skirt: 10x19 Skirt Hem: 7x19 Elastic: 18
3T     Skirt: 11x20  Skirt Hem: 8x20 Elastic: 19(the size I made for the tutorial)
4T      Skirt: 12x21 Skirt Hem: 8x21 Elastic: 20
5T      Skirt 13x22  Skirt Hem: 8x22 Elastic 21

**These measurements have not all been tested they are based of US sizing charts(and tons of trial and error sewing skirts for my little one). For best results measure your little one for elastic(minus 2" from waist measurement for proper elastic fit) and length, ie: skirt+hem- seem allowances of approx 2" will give you an idea how long the final product will be. If you have questions as always feel free to email me :)

1: Cut Fabric according to above sizing with a rotary cutter, ruler and self healing mat - strip cutting works best with a rotary.

2 pieces 11x20 for skirt body & 2 pieces 8x20 for hem (3T)
2: Sew short ends of skirt together set aside, sew short ends of hem together. Press all 4 seems open with an iron. Fold hem wrong sides together length wise and press (a-lot!)

Wrong sides folded together to create a 4x40 hem band
3: Pin hem to skirt right sides together(either side of the hem is technically the right side) make sure your matching up raw edges when pinning, and lining up seems. Pin every couple of inches to keep the layers of fabric from shifting while you sew. Flip hem down press raw edge up towards waist and top stitch.
Top stitched
4: Fold top down about a 1/4" while pressing with an iron, fold down another 1 3/4"' press with iron. Stitch closed about an 1/8 inch from edge leaving a 2 inch opening for the elastic.
Elastic casing and opening

5: Feed elastic through the opening with a large safety pin(I like to use a straight pin to hold the other end of my elastic to the fabric so I don't lose it while I am pulling the other end through) sew elastic together with a zig-zag stitch reversing to secure at the beginning and end, even out fabric around the elastic and sew opening closed!!!!!! Your DONE 5 Bucks and 5 steps to a great MOD skirt!
I think she lurv's it!
The important stuff! Please do not re-use this tutorial as your own idea - you may however share it all you want and are more then WELCOME to sell any finished products you make using this tutorial(if you have the time and patience to do so!)

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