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Monday, February 27, 2012

The Boys space themed 7th birthday party

Warning lot's of pictures ahead!!! We had a BLAST (pun totally intended!) But sleep overs!!! That's for the birds I NEVER want to do that again and in my opinion every one was well behaved!!

sign posted on front door

Birthday Boy! he chose the shirt :O

Favors:Milky way fun size, glow sticks, space erasers and other fun things :D

My BABY!!! Handmade paper mache moon pinata!!! It turned out perfect!!!

Cake pops: I used colored candy melts and tooth pics to create continents and gasses etc....

Shooting star cheese

Flying saucer crackers

Alien Head grapes

Rocket Fuel

Party central

The crew minus the boy - he was having a moment!

She dressed her self! I did make her some adorable ruffle space pants - no go!

game: Pop the alien -Green balloons with alien faces drawn on stuffed with candy :D

Some of them were extra tricky!


Glow stick dance party!

Pinata time!

Gluten free cake pops: easy peasy - I use gf cupcakes from whole foods much em up with the frosting on roll them into a ball and dip in candy coating each cupcake makes about four which is great for her!

the moon cake pop complete with alien dude!

The Mrs! Me the party maker, cleaner upper, baker etc...

so much boy girl stuff in 1st grade its unreal!

Moon shoes!


Sweet girls no boys party would be complete with out them :D   

Logan and his BEST bud!

Happy Birthday to my little man! Your an amazing smart handsome mix of two of the greatest people on earth if I must say so myself! It was a BLAST to celebrate another wonderful milestone in my little mans life! looking forward to more....with maybe less party ;)

Enjoying one of his gifts, a book about space ~ me enjoying my favorite moment of the day with him....I adore the end of my days with this little guy, thought I should finally capture the moment just the other night! This picture is burned in my heart forever!

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  1. Way to go, super space Mom! An inspiring party!