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I’m a diy, penny pinchin’, first time home owner, wife to my amazing helper of a husband, one sweet little type 1 diabetic daughter and one smart creative little boy(or should I say young man!). There isn’t a thing I won’t buy if I think I can make it myself. So I hope you enjoy my attempt to save a little money and share my attempts to make our house a home.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Matilda Who ;)

Matilda Jane's Knit Pants

My Version :D

I am super excited about today's outfit/ DIY!!!! I was recently invited to a Matilda Jane trunk show....while I was perusing their website and making a wish list I came across these adorable Strawberry Lemonade pants only exclusively available(whatever that means) and I remembered the pink stripe knit fabric I have been holding onto since I scored about a yard of it at an estate sale this summer for 50cents! I have not made an actual garment from knit fabric but for 50 cents how can you go wrong?! I am however fortunate enough to be the owner of a killer craigs list deal serger(not to be confused with craigs list killer;) so really why wasn't I sewing knits long before today!!!

Label- says made for a special princess :)
SO I set out with my basic pant pattern my .50 cent knit fabric and my handy serger and I did it!! Complete with funky little brown label! Matilda Janes website is a never ending inspirational site. I still plan to attend said party and maybe purchase some adorable pricy things for the little lady ;) other wise I will be making my own version of their ruffled pants!

So once again before you buy why not DIY!

DIY your own Matilda Jane Knock off Pants: all you need is knit fabric and a pants pattern and a little courage OH and some inspiration www.matildajaneclothing.com

Tips for sewing knits use a serger!! If not pin like crazy twice what you would normally pin. I had no issues with the fabric what so ever :O shocked still!