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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

DIY Pretend Salt & Pepper

Pardon the cruddy pic, it's early AM :)

I went a little over board on the kids play kitchen accessories. All of it was quick and easy because I had a big list to tackle in order to get it all done by Christmas. Some of the accessories include: Apron's, Chef Hats, Felt Cupcakes, Plastic Eggs, utensils, dishes, cook book, etc,etc....the list goes on and on, a lot of it I made or purchased very inexpensively. My kids especially love the Salt and Pepper (they also love to put salt on their food at the table, the play ones have actually curbed the novelty of real salt shakers;). I thought about making them in felt but wanted them to have sound like real ones, that's when the light went OFF! Dur! Paper! So here's a quick little super satifying fun to play with DIY - you'll be thinking to your self why didn't I think of that!

DIY Pretend Salt and Pepper
Salt and Pepper shakers (dollar store or .97 @ walmart - for the pair)
1 piece ea black and white paper plus a piece of paper to catch punched holes (I used computer paper and kids construction paper)
Hole Punch
Step 1 put your husband to work while he watches sports(he'll love you for this)
Step 2 Have him fold the paper in half and in half again (4x the work in half the time) :D
Step 3 hole punch like crazy onto extra piece of paper (it takes forever this is why you have the hubs do it, you don't want the hand cramp TRUST ME!)
Step 4 use paper as a funnel to pour your salt and pepper in your shakers
Step 5 twist lids on very tightly or if your worried about the little monsters taking them off rub glue around the threads before doing so ;)
You did it!!! They will LOVE it!
The best part?! This whole craft cost me .97cents! What's stopping you now?!
The important stuff! Please do not re-use this tutorial as your own idea - you may however share it all you want and are more then WELCOME to sell any finished products you make using this tutorial(if you have the time and patience to do so!)

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