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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Little Ladies Heart Hair - how to found on Pinterest

Mom Tattoo T-shirt DIY
I won't lie we are lucky girls, the little lady and I, loved tremendously by a couple of handsome lads! Every year Valentines rolls around and we don't do much maybe a little treat for the kids a late dinner just me and hubs.....We love eachother a lot all year round there is no way I could show my family how much I love them in just one day but it sure is a nice reminder to celebrate LOVE! Happy Valentines Day

I whipped up a little "tattoo" T for Ava's Open Gymnastics Gym play date realizing her dress from last year wasn't going to cut it! Literally this took me a half hour and had I known it was going to turn out so darn cute I would have documented my DIY! But I will do my best to break it down and hopefully inspire a little creativity, and HECK this would be great for mother's day too....I can just see the hubs and the little man sporting these bad boys come mother's day ;)

Mom Tattoo T DIY 
Supplies - Red felt, scrap of white felt, freezer paper, black fabric paint, heat and bond lite(optional but helps hold it in place to stitch on) 
1:Print MOM on to a piece of freezer paper(cut it to paper size print on the non shiny side) 
2: Use and exacto knife to cut out the letter be sure to save the middle of the O
3: Iron freshly made MOM stencil on to scrap white felt
4: paint over stencil with black fabric paint and allow to dry
5: Cut large heart shape out of red felt (I decided to use the heat on bond after I cut my shapes so I just cut it slightly smaller then the heart then ironed it on according to the directions)
6: Cut white felt into a long strip (like picture) fold length wise and cut an angle to create the points I cut with a slight curve instead of straight on for a little character
7: place "MOM Ribbon" over heart and straight stitch on not going over the edge of the heart
8: Heat and bond heart with sewn ribbon to shirt I used a pressing cloth so as to not melt the felt
9: Stitch the outer of the heart with a longer straight stitch for a hand stitched look(not I did not stitch the over lapping "ribbon" tails down, it gave it a fun ribbony look) :D 
10: Enjoy Valentines Day!

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