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Thursday, August 2, 2012

$5 Old School Samsonite Luggage Makover

A neighbor(well neighborhood friend) had a set of awesome (maybe not in her opinion) dingy, needed some TLC Samsonite luggage (BTW train case, carry on and suit case :O) She was going to donate or toss it and I very kindly asked to have it and I don't even think she bat a lash at it and probably felt sorry for me a little ;)  So it sat for a LOOOOOONNNNGGGGG time in the garage till I decided exactly what to do and so far the "carry on" is all I have tackled but it was soooooo worth it. I documented my afternoon spent along side this little gem to share with you! So dig out your old hard sided suit case (cause don't we all have those laying around?!) if you don't own one apparently you can get them every where for 5 dollars....I just never seem to find those deals and some spay paint and get busy!

Hard-sided Suitcase (in case you weren't following)
1 yard of cheap fabric mine was $2 a yard!!
Spray adhesive (usually in the glue isle)
elbow grease ( sponge, soap, steel wool, magic eraser)
Spray Paint ( I used Krylon Ballet Slipper pink)
Painters tape

Razor blade
modge podge for optional monogram

I know I said FIVE dollars, I only had to purchase the paint and fabric (technically I had the fabric so really just paint)  I'm assuming everyone owns a whole room of craft supplies here ;) 

Step one: Apply Elbow grease to shell of case (this means scrub it good)
let dry

not so purdy

Step 2: tape off the metal parts - I only opted to tape the very top lock thing and handle not the ones the run all along the sides that is far too tedious for me.

Step 3: Paint I did 3 even coats each side and 2 for the bottom - I painted the snot out of it! let it dry REALLY good.

Step 4: Remove tape and rip out the guts ( I left the padding since it was stuck pretty good
left with no more guts right with border ripped out liner intact

Step 5: use the liner as a template to cute new pretty fabric I left a couple inch allowance to make sure I got it all covered

Step 6: lay pretty fabric in the case pinch the pleats in the corners with your fingers till it all looks pretty and lays flat

Step 7: Gently fold fabric back and start spraying glue according to the directions from working in small sections from the middle out wards doing pleated corners last.

Step 8: Trim away access with a sharp razor. I intend to hot glue trim around the raw edges but couldn't fully commit to my small pom-pom trim idea ;O so YES hot glue trim over raw edges. (this step is a little tricky, go slow work in small sections and trim around locks or what have you to make it lay nice)

OPTIONAL: I used freezer paper(print letter outline, iron on to fabric for stability cut and remove paper - revealing a perfectly cut fabric monogram) to make my letter a and used modge podge to stick it on and used the access fabric for the ribbon sash which in my daughters opinion really makes it "asobutely pretty"(she's 4 and knows what she likes) after all this one's for her so what princess wants princess gets!

 I''m sure you have nothing better to do on a beautiful sunny day then spend it outside with a dirty old suitcase - at least you can say your just trying to make the world a prettier place :)

This just in*****************My husband suggested clear coating it to with stand the beating of the 4 year old - will do ASAP!


  1. omg! This is the cutest thing! Just stumbled on your blog, and LOVE all your 'make-overs'!

  2. I love the suitcases; they are always a very nice decoration. Thank you for the post and the pictures.
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  3. I just rescued almost the exact same suitcase from a neighbor's trash! My husband was mortified. I took it home, spray painted it bubblegum pink! It looks awesome! Except the handle looks gross. And I want to do 'something' with it but not sure if spray paint will make it sticky. Any suggestions?

  4. I was searching for ideas for an old olive green samsonite I found. Gorgeous results and I am ready to tackle mine tomorrow.

  5. Lovely idea! Thanks for sharing!
    Regards from Greece!

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