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Monday, June 4, 2012


It might sound crazy that after these last couple years for me to sit here and type that I couldn't be more thankful for all the hard times that left me with a heavy heart and that it is those same hard times that have also lifted me up and have me realizing all the things I have to be thankful for....Since Ava's diaversary(May 27th ) and yesterdays 5k I have been finding myself reflecting and so thankful for how far we have come...

Thankful for my brave daughter fighting diabetes like champ after being diagnosed at 2 its not something she always understands but something she always faces with a can do attitude(wish we could all have faith like her)!

Thankful for the last 2 years of learning treating and living with the disease, which has taught me to trust my self, to have faith in the future and confidence.

Thankful for family whether near or far I know they all truly love and care and may not be what I expected, needed or always hoped for but there are circumstances that I have to realize might cause the unexpected, change needs and hope goes on.

Thankful for my husband who although I am tough to love has continued to be by my side never swaying, always ready to catch me when I fall. He is stronger then words can describe and patient beyond all doubt. I am so lucky to have been in the right place at the right time. To have made a friendship with him first to have fallen in love and to have married him and be blessed with two mouths to feed.

Thankful that his love is devoted and thankful I get to experience this kind of love.

Thankful that our love isn't always perfect but it always comes right back around to where it needs to be

Thankful for losing my job (that place can suck it) thankful to call it an utter waste of 6+ years of my life to know that in this life time I shall not waste a minute more stuck doing something I hate just to make a dollar!

Thankful to have found my creative passion and thankful for hope that one day I will support my family on my love, drive and passion and nothing less

Thankful my children have picked up some of my best qualities(lord knows I have some not great ones too)

Thankful for my brilliant and loving son who will be nothing less then his father

Thankful for my childhood as broken as some people think it might have been, they don't know, what they should know is that it made me who I am today.

Thankful for my few true friends who love me, lift me up and are always there when I need them. I know it's not easy to love me but they do it anyways. They love my family more then they need to and are so understanding when it's so hard to understand.

Thankful for a roof over my head, chickens in my yard, piles of laundry and dinners to be made.

Thankful for being humbled by all the hard times and looking forward to dancing in the rain rather then waiting for the storm to pass

We may be face to face with a disease raging war on our tiny daughter, hard times with my marriage(stress can kill a person!), miss understanding from people who aren't in my shoes, lost my job, etc...but all I can say is I am so thankful, humbled and grateful.

Thankful for all these people supporting an amazing cause! Way to go peeps!
I had the joy of participating in the Heaven can wait 5K yesterday and try as I might I will never be able to understand what some of these women have to face and I pray that I never will. However, I do know that a beautiful YOUNG women did lose her battle and left behind 2 young boys(babies really), a loving husband and an entire family who will never forget her amazing smiling face. I run for her, I hope for her children and I am Thankful with a heavy heart to have known her and her story and thankful that I get to see her boys still smile to this day(way to go dad!). Alyssa I know you are loved and missed like crazy and I hope someday for you, your family, for everyone that some day there is a cure!

Thankful....The list goes on

I suppose thankful is not an easy thing to say or be, and don't get me wrong it's easy to complain about all the same things too but when I remember what some families strife is I can't help but think it's a shame to live a life of complaints when after all we are living, something not everyone gets to do...

So bring it on universe because I now know I can look back and someday be thankful for all the hard times that let me be....

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