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Sunday, July 25, 2010

The "Honeymoon"

So there we were finally figuring out Ava's diet and insulin getting into a routine and starting to see consistent blood sugar levels. When for no reason we can figure out her blood sugar starts dropping dramatically overnight. so we call our Dr and they advise us to change her lantus dose (this is her long acting insulin that she gets at night) to the morning to help the drop at night. We did this for a couple of days with NO improvement. Ava was waking up with BS in the 50's or even 40's, luckily she was waking up. I was terrified at night taking her blood sugar at 10 pm (our normal routine) then waiting and taking it again to see if it was going up or down. In the cases where it was dropping we were having to get her up and get her some apple juice to get her BS up again. So we call the Dr again and for the next week or so we start to cut back her insulin to the point of giving her one shot a day. Now from what I understand the honeymoon period it greatly welcomed, but in our case we wanted it to GO AWAY....our daughter was constantly fighting low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) I was not sleeping, fearing she wasn't going to wake up. We spent 2 weeks with out any insulin which really was devastating to the progress we had made. We were so new at giving shots and finally got in to a routine that Ava was OK with so I knew when it was over (however long that would be) that we would have to start over again! We also happened to have our first REAL Dr's appointment in Portland at Legacy Emanuel Children's Hospital in Portland(yes we travel to Portland for Ava's care as there is no pediatric diabetes specialist near where we live). So all seemed to be going well her A1C levels seemed to be improving and again we were so lost we weren't sure what to ask :( This wasn't the honeymoon period that we had hoped for. There was a lot of grief that we had gone through and a part of us had some false hope maybe it was a fluke and there was something else going on NOT DIABETES. But we had done our research and knew better then that. This none insulin lifestyle only lasted 2 weeks and as quick as it came, it left. Ava was spiking up into the 3 and 400's almost over night. Dr Snyder was surprised at how quickly the honeymoon came and went. We were relieved and prepared to start over. We were advised to call every day to adjust her insulin. So far we have been having a lot of inconsistent BS levels and Dr Snyder said that basically it is as if she is newly diagnosed(boy does it feel like it) The good news is we haven't been below 100 but we have seen 435 which prompted and emergency call an a quick fix. I am lucky to say that Ava responds well to insulin(as I am sure most diabetics do) and now that we have been back on for a a few days she seems to be getting better at accepting the fact that this is her life.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this. You guys are so strong! Ava is such a beautiful little trooper. I know that you guys will figure out the ups and downs and I am in support of you guys 110% praying and thinking of you guys constantly! I am so lucky to call you guys family<3 I love ALL of you and you guys are doing an amazing job.