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I’m a diy, penny pinchin’, first time home owner, wife to my amazing helper of a husband, one sweet little type 1 diabetic daughter and one smart creative little boy(or should I say young man!). There isn’t a thing I won’t buy if I think I can make it myself. So I hope you enjoy my attempt to save a little money and share my attempts to make our house a home.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Logan – Ava’s Natural Born Protector

We were told that Logan has a 1 in 20 chance of developing diabetes. Hopefully this is not the case, if it is he will be well armed with knowledge and experience. He has been an amazing big brother from the day Ava was born. Caring, helpful, patient, and most of all loving. I am pretty sure Logan would take a bullet for Ava, especially now. All of us have an innate need to protect her but at five his want to help her amazes me. He is always asking “how many carbs does blank have” or “can Ava have blank” before he even request to get it for himself. He has graciously given up his previous graze as he pleased life style to help her stay on schedule and patiently waits till nap or bed to indulge in treats that Ava cannot have. To be so understanding of all of this at such a young age is a blessing in itself. We always thought Logan was special in a lot of ways but now he has proven it! I can’t imagine how hard it must be to have so much attention surrounding his little sister but he has handled it well (as I am sure we tried to make it that way). I will always be grateful for Logan and everything he has contributed to this family already and for the protection he will forever provide for Ava . I certainly hope he continues to ask questions (which occurred to me as a child he will ask anything, which most people are afraid to do) and I hope he feels comfortable with Ava’s disease and knows how much his little sissy appreciates all that he has done and will continue to do as her big brother! Logan we love you, think the world of you and couldn’t ask for more! Keep it up buddy!

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  1. What an awesome entry! It's hard to take a backseat to a younger sibling and it sounds like Logan has been amazing! Way to go, LJM, we love you too!