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Saturday, July 24, 2010

How we found out Ava was truly Sweet

It was April 2010 the day of her 2nd Birthday Party that I started to notice something wasn't right with Ava. She doubled over at the window in her sweet Minnie Mouse birthday outfit complaining of tummy pain. I hugged her tight and asked if she was OK, she sat for a moment pondered the question and said "Ava OK". We seemed to get by with bizarre occasional tummy pains and headaches for 2 more weeks(chopping a lot of it up to potty training and to her new sleep schedule). About mid May we noticed some excessive bed wetting, and more sleeping. It started to really bother me that she wasn't being her spunky, sassy self. At this point I started to wonder if it was a food allergy or growth spurt. 10 more days go by, my mom (my mom is our day care provider,luckily!) and I are really bothered by her behavior, excessive thirst, lack of appetite, lethargy, soaking through her diaper,sheets and PJ's at night that I decide to take her in thinking it was a food allergy or perhaps something to do with potty training? May 27th 2010 I decide to stay home with her for the day as she wasn't appearing to feel well at all and her appointment was that afternoon. By noon of that day she had drank a GALLON of fluid(no joke!) and begging for more. I was anxious to get her in and started to Google all of these bizarre happenings and came across the symptoms of toddler diabetes and wouldn't you know she had EVERY one of them. I was taken a back and tried to forget about it and see what her pediatrician had to say. We get there explain what's been happening to the nurse and with out a breath she decides to test her blood sugar and sure enough it was 440 (and that was with out food for about 4 hours) We were sent straight to the hospital and that is where our journey began.

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