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Thursday, March 15, 2012

MIA doing DIY =) classic!

I have been totally MIA from what seems like everything! What have I been doing....well feels like nothing but that's not true ;) Almost completed the kids bathroom, decided to go with a Lego theme for the boys room a forever work in progress and attempting to fix up the bonus room which BTW houses a desk area, tv, futon for guests, toddler art table, and my sewing corner it's so difficult to cram all of that into ONE room and trying to make it flow has been mind boggling.....SO I decided to work on each corner at a time and hopefully if I keep a color scheme in mind it will all fall in place (one can hope!) So here is a little taste of  where the Magic happens for me....MY Sewing corner (which is ever growing) still not complete but work in progress and the new BONES are up =) also note I put together the right book shelf, yes the one that was put together properly.....my hubby put together the left one its minor but the very top piece is upside down :O tee hee!

PARDON my cell phone pictures I was too lazy to fetch my other lens....


In Progress 

A quick break down of WHAT is here (in case you need one too!)

2 white (larger then I thought would be) bookshelves 27.84 ea @ Walmart
1 Ikea jokkmokk Table I found this one at goodwill last year for 14.99
1 long shelf(wider then I thought, from precious shelf set up) for across the top about $10 bucks :)
I squeezed the shelf's together on one unit and put in a tension rod to hang works in progress or done items.
The chair is a yard sale score that's been floating around for a while it was originally forest GREEN with a lovely country plaid seat then it was black with a not so great cream linen seat( it was at the dining room table for a time...ewe is all I have to say!) now it's white with yellow CHEVRON!
the lamp - squint you might see it is from target clearance $15 with a cheap shade trimmed in POMPOMS (luv those things!)

The whole faux built in cost under $100 bucks plus I have ample storage and room to cut and sew on!

Still need to work on organizing, and getting some pics up or a cork board....hmm...so many ideas!

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