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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Todler Messenger bag turned over night bag

so cute! my pic is a little washed out - no time to edit!
My intention was for Ava to have a small bag she could fill with diabetic supplies, snack and toys. Usually she carries around a used grocery bag ;/ which is fine, she's all re-use, re-duce but she's beginning to look like a little old bag lady these days and quite frankly she needs to be responsible for her diabetic supplies sometimes too! I am SICK of her handing me stuff to carry ALL day! I feel like a bag lady too ;) so I searched the net and came across a super cute bag http://tiptoetango.com/2012/01/16/messenger-bag-tutorial/#comment-522

I should have re-thought the dimensions(for my lil' toddler) but I didn't even question it till I held up the outer sewn pieces to her so now it's an over night bag instead. Which will be great for us when we bum our way into daddy's work things next week in Portland ;) So now this one is finished and I think I will be moving on to the one in my One Yard Wonders book ;p oy!

There is a couple things I didn't do to save time, obviously I didn't quilt the outer layers.....I did however heat and bond my felt and fabric together so it wouldn't shift.

I also didn't do any interior biz :) I did plan on it being reversible but didn't sandwich the handle right :O oops!

Thirdly this WASN'T a time saver by any means!!! I decided to make my own ruffle (I didn't want to have to shower, get Ava ready, prepare a snack and go to the fabric store just for trim, but the ruffle is what really made me decide on this bag....WARNING do get ready, get child ready, prepare a  snack, go to the fabric store  and skip making your own! tee hee! It still needs a button she has her heart set on a heart :) IF you do decide to make your own mine was made very similar to this...http://tiptoetango.com/2011/12/28/ruffle-napkin-tutorial/ I did 2" cuts for the ruffle....I know I just said don't do it but I love these napkins!

This WHOLE bag was made from bit's and pieces of fabric and felt I already had, so this could potentially be a great STASH buster project. Oh and my strap is about 9x33 which is way too long for her but great for what it is now, an Over Night Bag***

the interior of the flap

BIG Thanks to Tip Toe Tango for the adorable inspiration!  http://tiptoetango.com/

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  1. Aw, Ava's new "overnight" bag is so adorable. Great job and bravo for making your own ruffle, I'm WAY impressed! Xxo