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Friday, March 23, 2012

Obsessed, addicted, Can't get enough....

Goodwill!!! I HAVE to go there at least once a week! I literally begin to have withdrawls. I am not sure why I feel that way...I often think I am missing out on something and if I don't go NOW it will be gone. And the truth is just that! I have tremendous luck there but I think it's because I go there sooooo often I know what to look for, I know the in's and out's of the place. If you don't second hand shop and often, chances are your probably missing out too! This week ( and I hope to do this post twice a month at least) I found a pair of boots I have been eying for 2 years! The first year a co-worker(yes I used to have a real JOB!) came in wearing the cutest gray tone boots. Real leather, just enough heal, not to pointy or round toe and of all places she got them at Target! For...get this... 50 bucks! So I rushed down there and NOTHING. I was heart broken....so I went on line not my size, and have yet to have that color in my size. So this week strollin' a long with not much luck I meandered over to the books with the little miss, she gets a book every time we go amongst other great things. On the way to books we passed by the shoes and what to my wondering eye did appear???? The BOOTS, the boots I have been dying to have in mint condition, size sticker on the bottom still attached, they fit like gloves....for feet of course and were $7.99(goowill pricing is soooo random!)!!! I am sure the people in the store thought I was crazy squealing with delight at a pair of used boots and little miss was like sheesh...."find me in the books woman" I pranced around in the store wearing the boots happy as could be, I  decided to keep looking after all my "new" boots need a new outfit....right?? So this weeks find.....

Brand new target brand fair isle skirt XXL yep I still bought it and altered that baby! 6.99
Awesome like new gray Old Navy sweater - 4.99
and the BOOTS! 7.99
Yes I LET my loving husband take this picture which he HATES doing - its WWII every time!

Little miss got a great leap frog toy, brand new cream with black dot tights and book, no surprise there...I also managed to find a gray rosette'ish neck line long sleeve tee( we have snow on the ground spring or not) and a leopard print sweater which I have been keeping my eye out for - my grand total 38 and some change!!!

You may not always do as well as me since I seem to have the goodwill gods shining down on me ;) Good luck thrifting!

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