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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Celebrate Winter * FREE Pattern *

Celebrate Winter
Today was the mother of all storms so far this winter(school canceled, foot of snow, horrendous winds 60+mph and now rain!) ,  I thought why not crochet up something cozy for an up coming baby shower(flavor not known). I know from experience that working with this chunky yarn in a very small size can yield a pointy hat so I toyed around with it a little bit and found that this method is the best way to get a nice flat round top :D Enjoy my first ever published pattern....I have more patterns in the works!
I guess the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. My mom and I operate a little Etsy shop BendBeanies.etsy.com (she writes patterns, I occasionally sell finished items - if I ever finish them ;)  But it looks like I am moving on to writing patterns as well! This was fun and if you try it let me know how it turned out!!!
Happy Winter!And Keep those little ones WARM*****

Super Easy and Fast, Soft, Warm Infant(Nb-3m.) Ear Flap Hat 
This works up in less then an hour!!!
Supplies: Hometown yarn or super bulky (6) yarn, size K crochet hook, and a large tapestry needle (the plastic ones seem best for BIG yarn)
Pattern: Abreviation DC = Double Crochet
Ch 3 
Row 1: In 3 ch. from hook 7 DC  join with Slip Stitch (8 double crochet)
Row 2: Ch2. 2DC in each DC around (16DC) Join with slip stitch.
Row 3: Ch2. *DC, 2DC* Repeat in each st. Join with slip st.(24DC) Join with slip stitch.
Row 4: Ch2.DC in joining stitch DC in ea stitch around join with slip st. 
Row 5 -7:DC in ea stitch around(25DC) (for a total of 7 rows, not including foundation row of ch 3.)
Do Not Cut Yarn - begin first ear flap. - *also make sure hat is measuring at what you need before going on to ear flaps see end for final hat measurements*
Ear Flap 1
Ch2. DC in same ch2.  DC in next 3 stitches (4DC)
Ch2. Turn. Dc2tog, Dc2tog cut yarn and tie off (first ear flap done)
Count 9 stitches and tie on(the 9 stitches is for the front of the hat(the back should have 8), in-case you want to add a flower or something, or so it doesn't go on backwards;)
Ear Flap 2
Ch2. DC in same ch2.  DC in next 3 stitches(4DC)
Ch2. Turn. Dc2tog, Dc2tog. DO NOT CUT YARN 
Ch1. Single crochet around entire hat and slip stitch in Ch1. Cut Yarn and tie off
Weave in lose ends.
Braided Ties:
Cut 6 pieces  of yarn  approximately 24 inches OR double the length you want (be sure to leave room to loop through and knot the braid)
Fold in half and pull loop through between the 2 DC2tog on the ear flap and pull all 12 tails through the loop, give a good tug(making sure you yarn loops over the outside of the ear flap)refer to picture.
Braid with groups of 4 strands together. and tie in a knot(mine might look different because I used a clear tiny hair tie then wrapped yarn around it just to see how it would hold up;)

*Finished hat should measure about 7.5 wide laying flat and 6 inches tall(not including the ear flaps) Adjust hook if needed.

TA-DA! It's fast, easy and warm! If you have questions feel free to comment or contact me :D

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