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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Valentine Felt Flower Headband Tutorial

Will you be mine?


Supplies(minus glue gun)
Felt scraps of pink, red, white and moss green(optional)
1/4 in Elastic(size chart below)
Hot glue gun
Sizzix (big kick)
3-D Bigz die flowers ( for this tutorial I used just the smaller flower)

I rarely use my Sizzix for paper, usually just felt occasionally fabric. I use polyester felt a lot because wool felt is a little harder to come across in this small town(at least in any good colors). But it does work better on wool felt, with that said it still works great for any felt!

Size chart (this is the length of elastic you'll need to cut based on age)
Preemie: 12 inches
Newborn: 13 inches
Baby: 14-15 inches
Toddler: 16-17 inches

Child/Tween 18 inches

1 cut small squares of felt in pink, white and red just a little bigger then the flower on the die run all 3 pieces layered up through the Sizzix.

3 layers of felt sandwiched between to cutting boards and die
(don't mind my colors just what I had left in scraps)
2 Roll the flower holding it some what flat and starting with the little narrow part towards the outside of the 
begin rolling here
hold rose flat as you roll

3 Roll flower almost all of the way up leaving the rounded center to cover the bottom of your rose. Cover the bottom whith glue and press the center part over the glue Wa-La one rose done repeat for other two!

glue and cover with what was the center
flip down any loose parts and gently glue and press back together
4 Cut a small triangle and elastic according to size chart put a line of glue down the middle of the triangle and line up the ends of you elastic not overlapping(it will be too bulky and cause red spots or dents if you over lap) the triangle shape is KEY for the out come ;)

5 Glue roses to each corner making sure they are tight on the front and touching(if they are too close it might bow out but will lay flat when on :) just make sure you cant see the triangle from the front. And your DONE!  You can also attach small green leaf shaped felt if you desire or leave it the way it is. I added leaves for an example :D I hope you enjoyed! 

The important stuff! Please do not re-use this tutorial as your own idea - you may however share it all you want and are more then WELCOME to sell any finished products you make using this tutorial(if you have the time and patience to do so!) 
Tip - You can go crazy with color's or cordinating these with out fits for you little one - not crafty?! feel free to contact me or check out www.fortheloveboutique.etsy.com you can see in the "supplies" picture I cut out a ton! Which means many are being listed soon!
Thanks A Bunch! Happy Valentines Day! 


  1. This is such a gorgeous little headband!!! I know a few girls who are going to love these. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Of course! Thanks for stopping by! Today I am putting together a tutorial with out the sizzix(of course it will differ a little)hopefully I can get it published today too :D Enjoy! -Rachel

  2. I am going to try and make this headband.Its so cute and I have never thought of using felt to make cute little flowers. Thanks for sharing, I really do appreciate it!

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