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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ugly desk re-hab!

Stenciled Desk
First off let me say that I CANNOT believe my husband actually made this craigs-list deal for me. (I hate dealing with craigs-listers as a buyer or a seller I have been flaked out or had an all out bidding war on my computer over a paper bag of baby pajamas!) I was sure he would take one look at it and run the other way but he made the deal and brought it home for I think 20 bucks(we have had it since the spring!) I re-painted it in an antique white paint which I bought for....wait for it......35 CENTS!!!!! Yep that's 35 cent quart of Dutch Boy  paint. It was marked down as a return at Walmart for 2bucks which I was more then OK with paying and it rang up at 35 cents! DEAL I'll take it!

1- Find the uggliest wood piece of furniture possible
2- Strip it down with a nasty chemical. Don't by the spray can kind either it's a waste of money and won't strip more then a 2x3 area regardless of what they say. This thing had years and layers of paint! 
3- Sand it, a lot!
4- Paint it, a lot!
5- add new knobs
6- Admire - unless your me! Move on to step 7 ;)
7- Get out your stencil, I found this one at Micheal's its a Martha Stewart stencil(don't forget your coupon! this one is 16 regular price)
8. Gather a stencil brush, baby wipes, tape and paint I used a basic acrylic that was on sale at michaels.
9- Go to town( I mean follow the instructions for you stencil)! It took me a while and I now admire people who can do a whole wall!!!! But the out come is way better and hides the flaws of the old UGLY desk ;)
10- Wait a few more moths to decide if you want to clear coat it ;)

That's it!  A one of a kind inexpensive piece of furniture to fit your decor!

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