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I’m a diy, penny pinchin’, first time home owner, wife to my amazing helper of a husband, one sweet little type 1 diabetic daughter and one smart creative little boy(or should I say young man!). There isn’t a thing I won’t buy if I think I can make it myself. So I hope you enjoy my attempt to save a little money and share my attempts to make our house a home.

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Monday, January 16, 2012


December 2011
That Morris Family: This is us!!!! Welcome to our corner of the World Wide Web :D Hope you enjoy our stories, our craftiness and thrifty ideas! I have inspired many a people around me(include the hubs and the little's) to  DIY more and be creative.....if you stick around it might rub off on you too!
The Mrs. interests: DIY everything, sewing, crafting and decorating. UPDATE: I forgot to include I collect yarn and love to crochet.
The Hub's Interests: wood working, hanging/repairing stuff for the Mrs., TOOLS and is learning to like painting. Enjoys all(ok maybe most, but I am the author here) things DIY too!wonder where he get's that passion from ;)

Little Man's Interests: Lego's (he can build just about anything) reading and coloring. Also has a knack for decorating.

Little Lady's Interests: crafting, jewelry making, painting, music and dancing. Could care less about decorating or DIY - 3 is a bit young I suppose ;)

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