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Monday, May 7, 2012

DIY EASY Garden Box

2 complete garden box's and up-cycled retaining wall to fire pit all my handy work!

Little lady ready to worship some diy'n
This was stupid easy and all I had requested for mother's day but lucky me it was so easy it was done a week early just in time for nice weather (be for warned also request that your strapping husband fills them for you...I can barely move my arms after all the filling and emptying of the wheel barrow!) Does that mean I still get a gift for mothers day??

(Lowe's disclaimer - we attempted to go to home depot but all the employees were the least happy least helpful group of people I have ever encountered plus they didn't have the cuts of wood we needed, so we tried to give them a chance but I honestly almost always go to Lowes so I am comfortable making my rounds there)

Supplies: (for one box 4 foot by 5 foot and 16 inches tall)
2"x 8'x 10 foot

2"x 8"x 8 foot
(heaven forbid I don't know the proper wood lingo, thanks to the Mr. This should read correctly for you!)
(2x4 if you don't just have one laying around like us hoarders)
Weed stopper
Screws or BIG nails

Did I mention 2 of these bad boy's only cost about 40 BUCKS!

Here's the best part :D Have Lowes cut both boards in half, all the hard work is done and now they are easy to load in the back of the car. We always fight over strapping lumber to the top of the car and I always think he is going to chop is fingers off when cutting large boards so extra bonus less arguing through out the process :O 

Now here is the tricky part: We had pieces of 2x4 laying around to brace the corners and the front middles, if you don't NO biggie get one 2x4 from Lowes and if you bat your lashes hard enough they will cut it in to 12 inch section for you as well.

Assembly : Make your top then the bottom by screwing the sides to the front and backs with a drill, don't have one?! Well maybe BIG nails will work :D galvanized so they won't rust.

Stack them together and attach the pieces of 2x4 in the corners and on the front middle and back to secure!

**I opted to staple weed stopper onto the bottom and trimmed away excess***

Done! Now fill - warning this takes a lot of dirt and time! Each was about 5 or 6 loads in the worlds largest wheel barrow :( I am one tired but happy mama today!

Another FROG! Our back yard is a frog retreat ;) I have been moving them to a secure location where I am fairly certain they are being eaten by the neighbor's cats...oops!

Off to collect goodies for said DIY Garden Box's! HAPPY SPRING!

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