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Friday, May 18, 2012

Will, Jimmy and Jake

I don't claim to be a photographer and I barely know the bare minimums to get my camera of auto mode. What I do know is how fast children grow and how great it is to have pictures (good ones) to look back on. So every time I get out my camera I try my hardest to make sure memories are being caught. Enjoy my latest manual mode photo shoot of baby Will and his brothers. Jake the oldest is autistic and from what his mom says never looks at the camera but a little game of peek a boo changed that right up for me :) Thanks again Shanna for letting the boys partake in my amateur photography practice!



Shanna (not prepared for pictures;)

I think he was fascinated with my camera

Shanna's amazing bay window!

love me some arm rolls

sweet little tongue

Hat crocheted by yours truly - pattern available free on this blog!

wonder what he's thinking?!

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