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Friday, May 11, 2012

Layered Felt Flower Clippie DIY


4.99 @ Cricut.com

Sizzix Big kick or Big Shot or Cuttle bug
Cuttle Bug Flowers die #1 (currently 4.99 @ cricut.com!)
Felt wool or Eco-felt 
Thread and Needle 
Hot Glue 
Hair Clip

 (I didn't not plan to post this or I would have taken at least a couple more pics ;)

This is one of the easiest felt flower hair doo dads I have made in a while. In fact I made about a dozen yesterday most of them in my 4 year old assistant choices of colors ;)  I have seen them on etsy a lot and thought "how simple and cute" Plus you can layer all sorts of colors to match outfits. I made one I like to call raspberry orange creamsicle, hot pink, orange, cream and light pink layered up. I think so far that's my favorite one :)

FIVE easy steps and a little creativity and your on your way to a small business plan ;) ok that is if you can market and part with some of these cute little things! Or pry them from the grips of your fashion forward four year old!

1: Cut one of each size from the cuttle big die out of your color choice of felt 
(ie: cream and YES these tiny dies will cut felt, that is really all I use my Sizzix for I DON'T SCRAP BOOK :O)
2: Stack them nicely together place button on top and sew button on with a few stitches 
(make sure to start from the bottom so you loose threads aren't on top of the flower)
3: Cut two little leaves and place as shown on the bottom with a little hot glue
4: attach to hair clip, barrette, headband etc...
5: Cut one more smaller circle scallop to finish the bottom of the clip so you can't see the leaves glued on or the glue adhering the flower to the hair clip (optional but very professional ;) 

Enjoy....its hard to stop dreaming up all the fun color combo's for summer! TIP: Make 2 and put them on a cute set of piggies!

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